Huawei Watch2

Meet The Jabbawockeez

LA’s most popular modern dance group demonstrates the amazing features of the Watch 2.

    Samsung is spending big to draw awareness to its new smartwatches. With a very limited budget, Huawei needed to challenge conventional smart tech launches to drive awareness to its amazing new Watch 2.


    Since the Watch 2 operates separately from the phone it liberates the user to do more.

    We launched Watch 2 with the Jabbawoockeez California’s biggest hip hop dance troupe and created a unique interpretation on free spirits, effectively demonstrating the Watch 2’s myriad of amazing features.


    Huawei Watch 2 was outspent by Samsung 12:1 but achieved fantastic results. With a budget of only $500,000 for talent, film and media to promote the Watch 2, the Watch 2 film received over 300,000 views, compared to Samsung’s 1.6 million.

    In other words, Samsung spent $3.8 per viewer while Huawei spent only $1.67. That’s 2.3 X ROI efficiency.

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