For Innovative Girls

Why just boys? LEGO can also be for girls, for innovative girls hoping to change the world.

    85% of Lego toys in Hong Kong are sold to boys. How could Lego reach out to the true untapped market? Girls.


    We leveraged the brand's legacy of igniting children's imagination, to witness how Lego Friends could bring out the creativity in girls, who surprised everyone with imaginative solutions for important societal issues.

    We set out to champion girls who were the future of the city, by showing they are as conscious of local social issues as they are eager to solve them.

    Utilizing video content to inspire the HK parents about girls' imaginative play, and change their attitudes about LEGO, the campaign also recruited consumers via social media communications, to participate and engage in multi-brand activities, including: user-generated content & product sampling.


    Lego successfully activated and converted parents to claim a starter set as the first trial of LEGO Friends for their kids. 46 percent recorded for the activation, which double the previous campaign performance. Sales increased more than 42 percent showing that Lego had indeed reached out to new and growing target group.

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