Shanghai Pride

Rainbow Family

For the LGBTQ community, we're all one family, and the magic can be found in everyone's surname.

    In China, the LGBT community is still largely unacceptable to society. We need to use the humanized way of activities to increase the level of acceptance by establishing the awareness of Shanghai Pride Festival.


    In Chinese society, 85% of Chinese people share 100 surnames, and the Chinese LGBTQ community is one of them, with the same values and pursuing equality. And this is the source of inspiration for the 10th Shanghai Pride Festival. We have the same family name.


    This year, Shanghai Pride Festival held a number of warm-up events, bringing together 8,000 participants to celebrate the 10th anniversary theme.

    The event interviewed 3 pairs of Rainbow Companion parents and 3 pairs of Rainbow Companions.

    At the same time, in line with the theme of this event, the poster creation H5 named "We Are All One Family" has been widely responded to in the communication. Spread more than 16,000 times and participate in more than 2,000 creative online posters.

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